ria lina: school of riason | bbc r4

impatient recently produced 'ria lina: school of riason' for BBC Radio 4 with award-winning stand-up and musical comedian Ria Lina, about the year she decided her local schools weren't making the grade and took the decision to home school her children. Well, not all of them, just the two she can stand. No one was going to screw up her children better than she was. 

A lightly political-topical exposition on the dumbing down of society that arrives at a couple of surprising, if delicious conclusions and offers the idea of home schooling as a serious alternative contender to the current schooling system; didactic comedy for anyone who ever went to school. Complete with songs on a Ukulele.

The show will broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on June 30th 2016 at 11pm.