kate fox: the price of happiness | bbc r4

impatient produced 'the price of happiness' for BBC Radio 4 with stand up poet Kate Fox where she explored some of the things that she doesn't want, and has cheerfully failed to achieve in life, despite society constantly reminding her that, as a woman, she should. 

In the series Kate explored the costs saved - financially and emotionally - by her decision not to have 'Children' - "Are we all hard wired to be baby-making machines?" or a 'Big White Wedding' - "Is it every girls dream to be walked down the aisle looking like she's been swallowed in taffeta?" 

Kate shared lots of funny anecdotes, got the audience involved with their stories, and finished each episode with a gorgeous poem. The series was broadcast, and was well received, on BBC Radio 4 in June 2015 and a second series looking at more things Kate does not want has been commissioned for 2017.