mark watson with henchmen sam simmons and will adamsdale

mark watson talks a bit about life: series 2 | bbc r4

impatient produced a second series of this hit Radio 4 show, where Watson is assisted and impeded in equal measure by two new henchmen: Sam Simmons and Will Adamsdale. The three revive Watson's quest to make some sort of sense of life against the backdrop of a world that, in recent times, has come to seem even more peculiar than usual.

The tenacious trio take on some of human life's central topics - family, spirituality, Scandinavia. Watson peddles his unique, high-octane stand-up while Simmons and Adamsdale chip in with interjections which include (but are not limited to) music, shopping lists, life advice, stunts, avant-garde offerings and divvy interactions. 

Expect big laughs, controlled chaos and an attempt to answer the one question none of us can quite escape from - what exactly is going on?    The series TX's on Tuesdays at 18:30 on BBC Radio 4, for 6 weeks from 23rd August 2016.