impatient took three shows to the Edinburgh Festival 2017. 

Mark Watson: This Is Not A Show Yet | Stand 1 | 15 - 27th | 13:35                                Almost entirely new material from a suitably nervous Mark Watson. 

Mark Watson: I'm Not Here | Pleasance Grand | 24 - 26th | 23:20                                   This show, a high spot of Watson's notorious Edinburgh career, began as a work-in-progress at the Fringe two years ago. After 111 performances around the UK it returns for three farewell evenings.

Mark Watson's Festival of Bad Ideas Pleasance Beneath | 15-27th | 22:45                                                                         Mark Watson has asked a range of top comedians: 'What's your bad idea? What show would you like to put on, but never dare?' Now, one a night, they attempt these projects. Shows – or sort-of-shows – that have never been seen before and maybe never will be again. Some will be good. Some won't. The full line up of shows that took place are here.

All 3 shows were sell out successes!