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         edinburgh 2017                         

impatient is taking three shows to the Edinburgh Festival 2017. 

Mark Watson: This Is Not A Show Yet | Stand 1 | 15 - 27th | 13:35     Almost entirely new material from a suitably nervous Mark Watson. 

Mark Watson: I'm Not Here | Pleasance Grand | 24 - 26th | 23:20This show, a high spot of Watson's notorious Edinburgh career, began as a work-in-progress at the Fringe two years ago. After 111 performances around the UK it returns for three farewell evenings.

Mark Watson's Festival of Bad Ideas Pleasance Beneath | 15-27th | 22:45   Mark Watson has asked a range of top comedians: 'What's your bad idea? What show would you like to put on, but never dare?' Now, one a night, they attempt these projects. Shows – or sort-of-shows – that have never been seen before and maybe never will be again. Some will be good. Some won't.

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       mark watson: mw                         uk tour         

After marathon efforts with his last two tours, Watson is amazed to find there are STILL areas of the country he's not visited much, and some towns that have been neglected altogether. It's hard to be everywhere at once, so he's narrowed it down to a sensible plan: for the next tour, he'll only visit places beginning with M or W - his initials - as they've already shown commitment by having those names in the first place.

A few of these will be favourite old haunts like Winchester or Manchester, but quite a few of them are the result of Googling and quite a number are so remote that we won't know they definitely exist until we get there. Also, some aren't actually towns so much as trains (from Marylebone to Wycombe), or ferries (across the Mersey), or a helicopter museum (in the double-point-scoring Middle Wallop). Book from our events page. 


  sofie hagen: dead baby              frog  |  uk tour         

impatient are extremely proud to be producing a new tour for our amazing friend, Sofie Hagen: unquestionably one of the most talked-about comics of the moment. A modern legend in her native Denmark, she won Best Newcomer at Edinburgh Festival in 2015; and her follow-up show, 'Shimmer Shatter', was a second total sell-out in 2016.

This autumn Sofie will embark on her biggest national tour to date with her brand new show, Dead Baby Frog, her best show yet. Packed with brilliant, offbeat observation, passionate argument, and jokes. Also: one parable.  Go to our events page to book now!  





  yianni: simpsons taught  me everything... | uk tour

  kate fox: the price of happiness | bbc radio 4


Following critically acclaimed, total sell-out runs at Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth Comedy Festivals, Yianni Agisilaou will be embarking on a 20 plus date tour this autumn with his show The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know.

Whether you’re a Simpsons geek, an everyday fan, or (somehow) a total Simpsons novice, it’ll be fun-diddly-un!

impatient are very proud to be producing the tour: we, like Krusty the Clown, heartily endorse this product or event. DOHn’t miss it! Book now on our events page.


Second series for BBC Radio 4 hit “The Price of Happiness” from captivating stand-up poet Kate Fox, where she explores some of the things she doesn't want (and has cheerfully failed to achieve) in life, despite the feeling that society expects she should have - this time ‘A Hollywood Body’ and ‘Middle Class Status’.

Big laughs, a celebration of Northernness, and an attempt to answer one of life’s taxing questions: what’s the cost of wanting to be the same as everybody else?

The shows were recorded at Northern Stage, Newcastle, transmitted on the 19th & 26th June at 11:30am, BBC Radio 4 and are currently available to listen again to on the BBC website.