angela barnes: you can't take it with you | bbc r4

impatient recently produced 'angela barnes: you can't take it with you' for BBC Radio 4 with dazzlingly funny, straight talking stand-up Angela Barnes; a four part series in part tribute to her late father, an enormous character - (sex shop manager, naturist, big fan of caravans and pranks) - and influence who taught her a carpe diem approach to life. His motto: "You Can't Take It With You"

In each episode Angela tells anecdotes based around sentimental keepsakes that she stuffed into her Dad's coffin when she sent him on his way, and also items she's asked her loved ones to nominate that they'd choose to send on with her as mementoes of their memories together.

The show will broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from 10th August 2016 at 11pm.